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Help Change The World One Onesie At A Time
Offer: 15% off your entire order, with code SDPOPUP15 at checkout
Here at LovlyOne, our first goal is to provide you with adorable, comfortable clothes for your babies and toddlers at an affordable price. Our second goal is to provide you with a more personal experience that giant retailers can't provide, with friendly, helpful customer service available to answer all of your questions and help in any way we can. And our third goal is to help as many babies in need around the world as possible, which is why for every purchase you make, we send a onesie to a baby in an orphanage or shelter who needs it by partnering with charities and organizations around the world that provide resources for mothers and babies in need. Every month, we choose a new organization to partner with and send that month's onesies to, and it is our goal to provide as many organizations with as many onesies as possible. We thank you for helping us reach these goals.